Phinsider Question Of The Day (W/ Live Thread, General ) 06/03/2019

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Tonights Phinsider Question Of The Day is based on something that I have seen on Miami Dolphins sites, including this one for years, that we are disrespected by the media. I for one think that you earn respect and if we were winning, like really winning at any point in the last how every **** many years it’s been we would have received more respect and coverage from the national guys. Of course we also have our local reporters like Omar that seem to hate the team he covers but what are you going to do about that? So the question is do you really feel as if the Miami Dolphins have been disrespected over these last several years or are you on the opposite side of the fence and you think we get what we deserve given our play and record on the field? Please make your argument for or against below.


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